Little Tikes Toys are Some of My Children’s Favorites

little tikes toysMy children don’t get new toys all of the time, but when I find something that I know they are likely to enjoy I am sure to pick it up. Out of all the different toys they own, they do have a few favorites which include many different toys that allow them to play pretend. They like to mimic things that my husband and I do with the right kind of toys.

This is why when we started grilling this summer, I started to look for some different types of grilling toys that they might be able to use on a regular basis. I managed to find some great Little Tikes toys that were made in the shape of various grilling foods and tools. Since my children love most of the toys they have from this brand, I made sure to get these for them.

I love watching my children play with all of these new toys. They really seem to love being able to pretend to grill up a hot dog or to put together a hamburger. I feel that these toys are really helping them to use their imaginations as they play together on a regular basis. It is truly something to watch.

Children’s Books For Group Learning

101-Life-Skills-Games-for-Children-Learning-Growing-Getting-Along-Ages-6-12-0How do you teach tolerance, self-awareness, and responsibility? How can you help children deal with fear, mistrust, or aggression? The book 101 LIFE SKILLS GAMES FOR CHILDREN: LEARNING, GROWING, GETTING ALONG (Ages 6-12) is a resource that can help children understand and deal with problems that arise in daily interactions with other children and adults. These games help children develop social and emotional skills and enhance self-awareness. This is very good for working with groups especially children needing to get to know each other and work together.

So play a game with them! Games are an ideal way to help children develop social and emotional skills; they are exciting, relaxing, and fun. This game addresses the following issues: dependence, aggression, fear, resentment, disability, accusations, boasting, honesty, flexibility, patience, secrets, conscience, inhibitions, stereotypes, noise, lying, performance, closeness, weaknesses, self-confidence, fun, love, reassurance, respect, integrating a new classmate, group conflict.

Organized in three main chapters: (I-Games, You-Games and We-Games), the book is well structured and easily accessible. It specifies an objective for every game, gives step-by-step instructions, and offers questions for reflection. It provides possible variations for each game, examples, tips, and ideas for role plays. Each game contains references to appropriate follow-up games and is illustrated with charming drawings. So pick this up and store it away for the right occasion, perhaps a birthday party.

S.T.E.M. Toys Allow Creative Thinking

Educational-Insights-Design-and-Drill-Activity-Center-0-1S.T.E.M. toys are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math teaching toys. They are especially good for children in today’s science driven society. It gives them a step up on the competition down the road by introducing them to concepts and techniques that they will use in school and for life. And there are so many S.T.E.M. toys to choose from now.

One of the current favorites at my house is the Educational Insights Design and Drill Activity Center. It allows your child to drill and screw colored bolts into a square frame to make pictures and patterns. It helps to build coordination, imagination, creative thinking and fine motor skills, and features 20 Activity Cards with design ideas children can follow for additional color-matching challenges. And with Frustration Free Packaging: this version comes in a brown corrugated box. Easy to recycle and great for the environment!

Children’s Board Games Challenge Parents Too

Beat-The-Parents-Board-Game-0Kids love board games. They challenge their minds, their knowledge, and their social skills to mention a few. Kids especially love games that they can challenge their parents at. So here is one of the new children’s’ board games that really shook it up at our house!

Beat the Parents brings kids together with their parents to go head to head in the fun filled family trivia game. Prove who’s the boss in the game where the adults answer questions about kids stuff, and the kids answer questions their parents should really know. But watch out for the wild cards, they could send you reeling back to the start or skipping ahead to the finish. Whoever crosses the board first with both mover pieces wins the game. So start playing today!

More Outdoor Kid’s Games For Summer

Big-Time-Toys-Sumo-Bumper-Boppers-0-0Summer is a glorious time for kids to play outdoors. A time to hone their physical and their social skills with the other kids in the neighborhood. On occasion, the question of “What to do?” comes up and it always seems to fall on my shoulders to figure this out. Whether it is running through the sprinklers, building doll houses, playing with electric cars, or some organized game, I have to be ready with the ideas. So unbeknownst to my kids, I search the internet at night for ideas for more outdoor kid’s games. I write them in a book or order them online and hide them for future use.

This summer’s big hit has been a lot of fun. The Big Time Toys Sumo Bumper Boppers are more fun than bumper cars or a pillow fight! You have to buy at least two, but then you just blow them up, slip them on the kids and let them bump away. You will hear the giggling and laughing as they bump and bop their way around. (Also note we found that duct tape makes a great patch if things get too rough.) So pull out some fun for tomorrow and order your Sumo Bumper Boppers today!

Fisher Price Toys are My Sons Favorite

fisher price toysI have been buying my son all kinds of toys ever since he was old enough to play at all. He has tons of great toys that are ones that can help him build different skills and even learn to use his brain in different ways. I am always so happy to see him figure out how to use one of his toys in the way that it is intended rather than just throwing it across the floor.

It is a lot of fun to pick out new toys for him on a regular basis since he always gets really excited about any new toy that I bring into the house. His favorite toys seem to be the Fisher Price toys most often. I think that these toys are his favorites because of the bright colors and how easy it is for him to use them as they are intended.

I feel good about buying him toys like this because I know that these toys are ones that are really helping to encourage his learning. He is getting a lot out of these toys and is constantly developing a better understanding of how to use his own body and what he can do within the world at this age. I am just glad to see these toys helping with his development.

Magnetic World Map Inspires Learning For All Ages

ATA-BOY-Ata-Boy-Magnetic-World-Map-0Most of us know our US geography, and if you don’t there are lots of puzzles and games to teach you. But few of us are well-versed in the world of geography. There are so many countries, oceans, and continents that it can be rather confusing. Well here is your answer, the Ata-Boy Magnetic World Map. It allows you to seek and find where the countries each are located and by doing so, learn where they are in relation to each other.

I dare say I had just as much fun as the kids did when we first got this puzzle. And I am so proud and happy that my kids know where Morocco and Thailand are, just to mention a couple of countries I didn’t know before. The kids enjoy putting the magnetic world map together over and over again because they get better and better at it. It is fun for the whole family and inspires learning for all ages. Get one today!

Children’s 3D Puzzle Fun, Collectors Edition

Spanish ArmataI have always thought is would be fun to build toy ships for a hobby. They are interesting looking and impressive. But I never wanted to have to work with the messy glue and sandpaper, etc. Now my time is here because puzzles have gone 3D and ships are at the forefront. My first goal was fun and challenging, The Spanish Armada-San Felipe CubicFun 3D Puzzle.  Constructed of high-quality foam core for ease of assembly yet rigid and durable for long lasting enjoyment. It fits together using CubicFun’s unique slotting system, similar building toy to Lego.

Now I have a collection of beautiful ships, and I have the pleasure of putting them together myself. They are quite impressive looking and people are always asking me what kind of kit makes such a great ship. So get your kids started today on what could be a lifetime of fun and pleasure with model ships and 3D puzzles.

Baby Einstein Door Jumper For Adventures

Baby-Einstein-Sea-Discovery-Door-Jumper-0-0There is always the question of what to do with the baby. Hold the baby, put the baby down, put the baby to bed, put the baby in a playpen…, and don’t forget the door jumper. What a great way to entertain your little one while keeping them active but safe.

Start the underwater adventure with the Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Door Jumper! Not only will babies love bouncing up and down, but with four developmental toys including stimulating real-world imagery, your little one is sure to stay engaged. Repositionable toys include a mirror for self-discovery, starfish-shaped teether, Baby Neptune rattle and three crinkle fabric flash cards with underwater imagery and animals identified in English, Spanish and French! Put it all together and you have an impressive learning tool.


Science Kits Keep My Children Learning

science kitSince my children are not in school for the summer, I try to do what I can to make sure that they are able to continue learning anyhow. This means teaching them different things in fun ways so that they can enjoy their summer while also learning a whole lot. It is great to be able to see them playing and learning at the same time without fuss.

I have been focusing the most on science because this is something that they haven’t learned that much about. This is also a subject that is easy to get hands on so my children are more likely to greatly enjoy doing activities that are linked to this subject. I have purchased all kinds of science kits to make it so that I will be able to easily keep my children learning.

They have really liked the different kits that we have worked on so far because these different kits have given them some really cool ways to experience science. Never once have they complained about doing science tasks during their summer vacation. These kits make science exciting and fun in a way that any kind of a lecture at school would never be.