Educational Insights S.T.E.M. Toys For Your Toddler

EDUCATIONAL-INSIGHTS-SHAPES-BEANBAGS-0Toddlers are little learning machines. They absorb information like it is going out of style. And if you are like me, you want to feed their minds with valuable details that will help them learn even more about the world around them. Welcome to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Toys, or S.T.E.M toys. Educational Insights has a wide variety of these toys for your kids available online. One of my toddlers favorites right now is the Shapes Bean Bags.

Educational Insights Shapes Bean Bags help little ones learn shapes and colors in a fun toss-and-catch game. It includes 8 bean bags, each in a different color and shape, and each embroidered with a different shape word. The washable felt bean bags are lightweight and easy for young children to handle. And for those of you who lack imagination, this set also includes an activity guide with seven hands-on games to play with your little one as they learn their shapes and colors. We have such fun with this game at home, I am sure you will too.

Buying Kids Games for My Kids to Play Outside

kids outdoor gamesSince the weather is starting to get much more like summer, I have started looking for some different toys and games that my children will be able to use outside. I know that a lot of the items I got for them last year were broken by the end of the summer so they really need to have some new items. It is a very good idea to keep them entertained with something out there.

To make sure that I am able to keep my children entertained, I like to buy them different games that they will be able to try. Now that they are starting to get older, I have been trying to find them toys that are a little more difficult to play with. It just seems right to adjust their outdoor activities to their actual ability at this point.

I have been able to find a lot of great games that they might be able to enjoy playing in our yard. Many of these outdoor kids’ games look like a lot of fun so I am sure that my children will be able to play them for a very long time. I am excited to be able to provide them with the best kind of toys and games for them to use outside this summer.

Children’s Educational Games: Flashcards For Travel

First-Words-Flash-Cards-Brighter-Child-Flash-Cards-0There is nothing more challenging than traveling with children. A long ride in the car or on a plane is never any fun for the little ones. Parents need to provide entertainment to keep their kids busy, so why not teach them something in the process? A nice compact game for travel  and learning is flash cards. They can study them and quiz themselves, and you can quiz them too.

Some flashcards even come with additional games you can play. Take for instance Brighter Child(R) First Words Flash Cards offer children a fun way to practice their first words to prepare for school. The set features 54 cards that help reinforce phonics, letter recognition, and reading readiness skills with full-color illustrations. A special card also offers creative game ideas designed to reinforce learning. There are quite a few choices for flash cards sets, so feel free to pick up several different subjects to inspire the learning and fun for your child with children’s educational games.

Baby Bath Robes are Too Adorable to Resist

baby bath robeWhen I was recently looking for some different bath items that I would be able to use with my baby, I came across many items that I just couldn’t pass up. First I found a whole bunch of little plastic bath toys that I just knew I needed for my baby. Then I found a couple of cute washcloths that I had to add to my collection as well.

When I was about to buy the items that I just couldn’t help but buy for my baby, I also came across some different bath robes for babies. I was able to find a whole bunch of different types of baby bath robes that were just so adorable to look at. I knew that since the baby in the picture looked so cute with the robe on, I would have to buy one for my baby as well.

Now that I have purchased all of these different items, I would say that my baby is more than equipped for his bath time. I enjoy watching him play with all the bath toys that I got for him, but my favorite part of the bath is when I wrap him up in his bath robe. He looks absolutely cute in the new robe that I ended up buying for him.

We Love Kid’s Reading Books

The-Jellybeans-Love-to-Read-0There is nothing more special than learning to read. It gives you the key to many worlds of fantasy, adventure, history, and learning. That is why it is so important to make sure your little ones have fun with kids reading books. Starting with the sturdy board books you can introduce your children to irresistible characters like the Jellybeans. Based on the New York Times bestselling picture book The Jellybeans and the Big Book Bonanza, this board book will win over a new generation of fans with four irresistible characters who are sweeter than candy.

In The Jellybeans Love To Read, the Jellybeans are back to share the love of reading! Anna loves to read, but her friends prefer doing other things. However, after a trip to the library, each Jellybean finds a book that’s perfectly suited for her: Emily finds a book on ballet, Nicole finds a book on sports, and Bitsy finds a book on art. But with so many wonderful books to read, will Anna find the book that’s perfect just for her?

So consider starting your little ones on kids reading books right away. You are never too young to listen to a good story and catch the reading bug!

Super Magnet Science Kits For Kids

4M-Magnet-Science-KitChildren are curious humans. They wonder about everything and are the perfect audience for a foray into science kits. Spending the day making potato clocks or a volcano kit is nothing but fun for them. There are so many choices today for wonderful experiments to do at home. One of my kid’s favorites is the 4M Magnet Science Kit. It has a super magnet and you can perform 10 fun experiments and games with the kit. Activities like the Fishing Game provide hours of fun and provide hands-on learning about the effects of magnetism.

Don’t let your kid’s curiosity go unquenched. Take a look at science kits today with your child. Find out what they are interested in learning more about and invest a little in their childhood education. It will be fun for you as well, watching the joy on their faces as they learn about new things.

Children Want The Electric Scooter For Kids

Pulse-Performance-Products-Reverb-Electric-Scooter-Electric-GreenWhen kids want to move outside there are so many choices. Bikes and trikes, skates and boards, electric cars and scooters to name a few. Well, my kids have tried them all and for what it is worth they are all fun producing. Their current favorite is the electric scooter for kids. They go up and down the driveway, and up and down the block playing games and chasing each other. It is even fun to watch. The scooter goes up to 10 mph and runs up to 40 minutes.

The Reverb electric scooter is the perfect choice for boy and girl riders across all skill levels. Great for cruising the street solo or riding with a pack of friends. The Pulse Performance Products Reverb Electric Scooter requires the rider to push off to start and has nice tread for their footing. It includes motorcycle inspired handle grip acceleration and braking, and a simple LED light on/off indicator for safety and power converter for recharging is included. Everything your children needs for outside fun, so buy some today.



Children’s Educational Toys Mimic Daily Tasks

Durable-Kids-Tool-Set-with-Electronic-Cordless-Drill-20-Pretend-Play-Construction-Accessories-with-a-Sturdy-Case-0-247x300If you have noticed, small children love to imitate grown-up behaviors and tasks. This is how they learn to do a myriad of things around the house. Of course, big tools aren’t easy for little hands to use, and in most cases, they aren’t safe either. So here is the beauty of children’s educational toys… they have created a miniature world of tools for little hands to get busy and “help” mom and dad. I went looking on this website alone and found toy tools for cooking, cleaning, building, mowing the lawn, driving, banking, shopping, grilling, having tea, being a doctor, beautician, and much more.

What is your little one interested in? Does he or she follow you around wanting to help? I know that when I was little I used to watch my father build and fix things in the garage. I would have killed to have some tools of my own to use like him. So spend a little time and get them set up to learn the household tasks they crave. Allow them time to pretend and play at doing the thing you are doing so they can grow up and be just like you.

Baby Einstein Toys Are Prime Products For Babies

Baby-Einstein-Play-Gym-Nautical-FriendsProducts for babies include the popular Baby Einstein toys. Their product line includes books and toys aimed at teaching babies the basics. For instance, take your baby on an undersea adventure with the Baby Einstein nautical friends play gym for entertainment and discovery. Your baby can lay on this colorful mat and play with the thoughtfully designed toys dangling close by. To start, a plush starfish toy attaches to this play gym, a baby carrier, and most cribs. It plays 8 classical melodies which are motion activated, or you can set it to play for 20 plus minutes continuously. The starfish toy features dancing lights to go along with the classical melodies. It will fascinate your baby.

In addition to the starfish, there is a whale-shaped prop pillow for tummy time and six additional toys. A baby-safe mirror for self-discovery, a plush baby Neptune rattle, a crab bead chaser, a ring rattle sand dollar teether, and flash cards with real-life imagery. What else does your baby need to keep them occupied and their brain working until nap time?

View The Night Sky With Educational Toys For Kids

Educational-Insights-5351-Nancy-Bs-Science-Club-Moonscope-Sky-Gazers-Activity-JournalThere is nobody more curious than children. So take advantage of this time in their lives and let them explore the universe with educational toys for kids. For ages 8 to 11 you can set them up with a telescope to the stars with the MoonScope and Sky Gazer’s Activity Journal which includes Moon Scope with 18x to 90x magnification, Moon Filter, and tripod with built-in red LED for night viewing. The twenty-page Sky-Gazer’s Journal includes stories plus tracking, writing, drawing, and other activities.

So take the kids outside tonight and start following the 22-page activity guide to get started on your stellar celestial adventure. Take a tour of the nighttime sky, with visits to Saturn, Jupiter, and even the mountain ranges on the moon. Encourages kids to pursue their natural love of science and the night sky.